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Why HTML5App?

Cross-platform Web apps made in HTML5 are amazingly great because:
  • They are easy for the user to find using google, easy to save on your device using bookmarks.

  • Works on pretty much all modern devices: IPhone, IPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows Phone, PC, Mac etc...

  • Use your existing backend and services to create a new channel for your business.

  • You have only one codebase to maintain, and doing so with HTML5 Web apps do not require expert knowledge on all platforms.

  • Updating the App can happen in seconds, without the end users having to do anything at all.

  • Waiting 2-3 weeks for Apple to (possibly) approve an update of your IOS App is over!

  • (Potentially) Beautiful and aligned UI across devices and platforms.

HTML5 and modern Javascript frameworks ensure:
  • Great looking, fast transitions between pages, as well as a good user experience.

  • Accesing to device hardware, such as local storage, GPS, accelerometer, touch and swipe events.

  • Tools for "Rapid prototyping" secures a fast feedback loop between customer feedback / ideas to a visible result.


Some of my Apps, Prototypes and Experiments in HTML5

A Podcast player, which is more user-friendly, and much more cross-platform enabled than any of the existing native Podcast players out there.
The project is a "Work in progress", which means features and bugfixes are constantly being developed after the principle of "continuous improvement".

SimUtils Mobile

En example of an extremely simple Mobile Web-application. The app can show live-timing for different Sim Racing servers. The App uses existing REST Services, which means it was developed in just a couple of hours, and hosted with the desktop version(



  • "You Don’t Need An App For The Web" - RIM CEO Jim Balsillie